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I love, totally love this pants. You will ask me why? They are funky, they are fun to wear, and they are playful. Cloths for kids should be playful and comfy…and colorful and all that. But this pants, they are super fun, because you could wear them in more then just one way, and I love it.
I was thinking what should I tell about them, but then, I decided that pictures could tell you more then I could.

The pattern is simple, with easy to follow photo instructions and it is in 8 different sizes. Yes, 8 from 1 year 80 cm children height to 13-14 year 164 cm children height.

Because kids grow fast, these pants have option for growing too, so you could use it longer then usually. The circle pocket on apron is useful too; you could make one or two if you make bigger pants. So it is really the project for playing with your sewing machine.

You could make them as they are on these pictures, or you could make them without suspenders and without apron – bib – overalls. They are comfy and your kid could wear them a few days one by one and every day the pants are different. Gorgeous. I think I want to design something similar for myself too. Yes, grownups could play to with there cloths, too. I love them and my kid too.