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Underwear sewing has become a lot more enjoyable now that I have an overlocker and am using stretch needles in my machine rather than ballpoint. These were all experiments but far better than my previous attempts with skipped stitches, faulty zigzags and ill-suited materials.

The frilly pair is So, Zo… Free Undies. They were pretty damn twee already with the frilled elastic so I decided to go the whole hog and whack a big rosette in there too. They fit well but the cut is a bit too cheeky for me, and more so than it looks in the pattern pictures.

Kwik Sew’s Beautiful Lingerie is a book I highly recommend for anyone wanting to sew their own underthings. I used their panties master pattern in regular cut to make the really huge knickers. Although I measured a size L, I cut a size M which was still way too big so I trimmed it down as best I could. Unfortunately it was still too long in the crotch so out it goes! Sewing size S or XS next time should do the trick. They are trimmed with stretch pink lace and the waist was lowered 1.5cm and finished with green plush picot elastic.

The last pair is the free Make Bra Hipster pattern, finished with baby pink, gold-polka-dotted FOE. It went together really well and the shape is super-cute but unfortunately they were too big (and I melted a bit of the elastic with the iron!). They were passed onto a grateful recipient and I’ll try a smaller size next time.