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First time of really trying lingerie properly. I had to use lining material which I think maybe is a tiny be too lightweight (and might be prone to static!) but I am happy with the outcome.

I had to improvise a bit as I didn’t have any really wide lace for the cups. But I managed in the end. The lace on the french knickers is different to the top but it is not that noticeable. I wish I did not follow the pattern instructions for the elastic at the back of the top as I messed it up. Ended up looking bad and was still far too baggy.

In the end I just added some picot elastic which matched what I used on the shorts. I did that as the shorts seemed VERY short. I know that I changed it a bit (as I added lace on top of the short rather than adding t the length on the bottom. All the same, these seemed very short so I didn’t want to do a wide turnover at the top for an elastic casing – rather I used the picot instead.

Definitely happy with my first attempt. This was made following the Alison Smith course on Craftsy