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So this is a 40s style corset by Caroline Woolin. I learned an awful lot making this (my 4th corset).

I realised that even though I made a toile, I should have finished that more by boning it and by finishing the bust and hip lines. When I took it in around the bust, I wasn’t appreciating how much the bones would have altered the shape. Also – I didn’t really appreciate how much difference having a strength layer would make. On others before this making the toile in muslin was fine but it really mattered on this one.

So the end product is not really what I thought it would be but I still like it. Luckily when I cut the fabric I left massive seam allowances which allowed me to take the bust back out where I had taken it in on the toile. But it doesn’t really have the 40’s feel that the real pattern does.

I cut the fabric from some tulip curtains which graduate from charcoal to ruby and the back is silver. Someone suggested doing alternate panels and in the end this worked out really well – a bit like one of those illusion dresses where there is a dark panel along the side of the body as that gives more of an illusion that you’re being pulled in. I made another one using the same pattern at the same time but on that one I cut away the front using another pattern I have (Ralph Pink – Eva corset) to make an underbust. which I will post here too!