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This comfortable jacket was made using BurdaStyle magazine March 2011 #128 Blouson jacket pattern, in a wool/rayon blend fabric. When I arrived home after purchasing the fabric a few months ago, I washed the fabric as usual, as I was told by the salesperson it was washable, but it wasn’t, and it felted between the embroidery either from the wool or the rayon thread. So I could not do with the fabric what I had purchased it for. However, I liked the affect, and finally decided to make this jacket out of the fabric. I am happy I did, as the jacket was great for travelling in, as it does not show any wrinkles!!!

I lengthened the pattern, added a fleece lining, a zippered pocket in the lining, and a chain hanging loop. I did not want to make the pockets in the pattern, as they required top-stitching on the front, and it would affect the way the felting handled. So I made bag pockets using the fleece fabric, so that my hands would be comfortable and warm when using the pockets. I had some ‘antique’ snap buttons from the Thrift Shop, and decided they would be a nice addition so that the pockets would not gape open, and I could cover them with matching fabric.

I used the solid at the selvedges to place on either side of the zipper. Because of the solid, the fabric was not wide enough with the lengthened sleeves. So I added a strip to the end of each sleeve, attaching it as if it were a ‘design’ element.

I used the width of the ribbing as suggested in the pattern, and at first I thought it was to narrow, but I think I like the width now that I have worn the jacket.

I crocheted a pair of Owl wristers for my daughter, and another pair for myself while on vacation. If you look closely, you can see the cable design looks like Owls. The pattern is free:
And there is an excellent video how to make the mitts:

I finally got my snow while visiting the boys and their families. It was always below -10c while we were there, getting as cold as -23c. I have never experienced lower than ~-5c. I was glad to return home where it is +11c.