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Here comes the second English inspired creation! The model becomes photographer and the photographer becomes model!
In the suburb of London named Brentford we found a very nice alley with all these little, nice, redbrick houses all lined up one after another. That was our location for this black and white “checkboard blazer”. Contrarely to the shooting we did in the middle of London (see post from last week THE BLACK LONDON MINI) we now could shoot in a very quiet place. There was barely somone in the street, only a few very nice and easygoing people. They were so friendly, especially this gentlemen who allowed us to shoot right in front of his lovely entrance.We were positively surprised how friendly and easy-living the English people are! The atmosphere was so comfortable and suiting that it took us just minutes to have a couple of hundred pics done. So much for the explenation on why I put so many pics on this post. Took me ages to decide which one to take… so at this point I want to give out my compliment to the photographer: my sweet daughter. So proud of you!! Good job!!

But let´s talk about the blazer. I got the pattern from Burda NR. 110-022010-DL. I didn´t take cotton as recommended but a stronger silk. It feels fantastic and it falls… well, just “silkier” I guess :-) let´s DON´T talk about the price… needless to say…but once in a while a girl has to spend what a girl has to spent isn´t it? The eycatcher is surely the hook and eye closure. Well, don´t think I will ever close the blazer. This is just for decoration purpose.

The Style: we adapted to the surrounding and went for loose boyfriend-jeans, english billycock and open ankle boots which we bought one day before in London after a loooong search :-) Of course you can wear this blazer in a classy style with a pencil skirt or with tight jeans. We just found this version more fresh and nasty. Let me know what you think about my new creation. Comment below! See you in my next post. BYE!