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Pucci is my favourite designer, He came from a wealthy Florentine family. He was well known for his bright swirly prints, palazzo pants and scarves. His first shop was in Capri. Last Christmas I bought the Pucci book. It is a treat for me to sit in my recliner with a cup of tea and read a few pages of the Pucci book. The pictures of the Pucci mansion are magnificent.

Now about the dress. I was thrilled to obtain this vintage Vogue 2788 Pucci pattern. I couldn’t find any Pucci type fabric. I don’t look like Barbara Bach either. I like the sea colours of the fabric. It’s a stretchy fabric purchased from the leafy side of town. It seems to have a downward stretch effect going on which is slightly unfortunate. Not sure if it looks like a nana dress. (Nana was cool though.)