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I started off with Vogue V8723 which is now out of print. re-drew the bodice pieces and straps, so that the straps were a contiunous piece together band at the top of the back bodice. I also lowered the neckline at the back of the dress significantly.

I bought this fabric some time ago because it reminded me of a pendleton print. It’s a very heavy woven cotton. The benefit of the weight of the fabric is that the skirt is quite full & helps to really define my waist.

I’m not very happy with the fit of the bodice though, even though the pattern came with different cup size options, I’m breastfeeding at the moment – so am struggling to find a way to fit my clothes around the bust since that measurement seems to be constantly changing!

The pattern matching at the back bodice seam also leaves a little to be desired, unfortunately I rushed this step & it shows. I may unpick it & re-set it before wearing it again next summer

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