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This is wedding dress no. 2 for me this year and I have fallen in love with working with silk! I made this for my (now former) roommate Stephanie, as she was unhappy with her choices in the commercial options. She really wanted a low back (but not too low!) and a bow on the back, and I’m happy we were able to make both of those work in this dress! She also wanted a dress that was not totally white, but something a hint of blush in the garment. To achieve this, we went with a base dress made (and lined!) with an ivory silk crepe de chine and then I fabricated a removable overskirt made from two layers of silk chiffon, peach pink on bottom and ivory on top. The added dimension with the peach layer was stunning in comparison with just an ivory layer – I love it! The sash and bow are all separate pieces, so she can wear any of them individually. Even though silk is lightweight, having a skirt with ~12 yards of it can be very warm for an August wedding! For the dance party portion of the wedding, we got her out of the skirt/sash/bow. All seams were finished with french seams, no serger on this project! The top was self drafted and the skirt was a modification of a Vogue designer pattern, V1030. Stephanie was very patient with me – I was not done with this garment until 5 minutes before the first look pictures…. I ended up finishing the tails of the bow (each about 1 yard long, 4 tails) by hand, which took many more hours than I planned for. In the end it was lovely and all finished, but it was close!!

There are a few other pictures (and larger versions of these) over on my blog if you care to check them out!