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Meet Djurdja, my very good friend and roommate! Her friend was getting married this past weekend and she asked me if I could make her a dress for that occasion. Of course, I said yes! We went fabric shopping and then after hours (or days) spent browsing through my Burda magazine collection this is what we came up with.

She’s been on ’Allo ’Allo kick for the last few weeks and a bit influenced by the fashion of the 1940s, in her own words, she wanted a dress like the ones Madame Edith wears :) This dress is made by combining the skirt from #116 Burda 03/2014 and bodice from #116 Burda 04/2013 . Everything went well and the dress was a success, but my only regret was choice of fabric. We bought the fabric before she knew what kind of dress she wants, and if I had known that she would go for form fitting skirt I would advise fabric with some stretch. Although absolutely beautiful, this floral satin rayon have no stretch at all and it was very difficult to make a functional skirt that is not too tight around the legs. You can see in the pictures that there’s some puckering around the lower thighs, but oh my. She wore it for the whole day of walking and dancing without anything falling apart :) And most importantly, she had the greatest time!