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This is my first version of the Sewaholic Saltspring Dress.

The pattern usually has a blousing effect in the Bodice. I felt that would be unflattering on me, so I skipped it by cutting the lining pieces twice and using them for the shell instead of the longer bodice pieces, that create the blousing.
I also skipped the zipper as a lot of people on the internet say, that it isn’t necessary. And I’m gad I did, for I can get the dress on and off easily.

I love the fabric! It’s probably some kind of rayon/viscose and it’s super soft flowy. Also it’s totally opaque, so I didn’t hae to line the skirt, despite of the white background.

For me this is the perfect sundress an the only garment in wich I could endure the heat last weekend.

There are more pictures and information on my Blog: Schnitterling.de

If you want to make the perfect summer dress your self you can order the pattern in my Shop or on Etsy .