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another burda’s raglan tunic dress
this time made in rayon crepe
cut pieces for the dress last year
planned to wear it to new years eve party
but party turned into country house loungewear event,
no need for party dresses
so it took me til february to actually finish it
i made the dress few times before
skipped zipper or buton closure on every single one
finishing neckline with bias tape
and it fit ok
what i did not notice this time
is that the bias tape i used is not actually bias tape
as it was cut on grain, and has no stretch at all
so, this time, neckline is way too tight
and i have a lot of trouble to pull my head trough
(but i’m too lazy to fix that, at the moment at least)
other than that, i love the dress
it’s my very favorite i made using this pattern (and i’ve made 4 so far)
see more pics on my blog mokosha