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Being archaeologist means that you’re gonna spend most of your summer on excavations, working 10+ hours a day. At least in my case :) Vast majority of that is field work – out in the open, knees and elbows deep in the dirt. But the afternoon shift is mostly computer work and after the whole day spent in cargo pants, kneeling and squatting, I’m desperate for some non restricting clothes. So I made this dress especially for the purpose of having something easy to wear in the afternoons while I’m on excavations.

The pattern for the dress is #113 from Burda 05/2010. This is my second time using this pattern, and the first dress is also made for the same purpose of having something to wear after the field work is done. The other dress is short and with the racer back so for this one I chose maxi length and simple straps in the back, and I also raised the neckline a bit. Straps are fastened with buttons, just for cuteness.

I love the outcome! Dress is super comfortable and easy to wear, plus the maxi skirt does a very good job hiding my legs covered in mosquito bites, scratches from wild vegetation and bruises from kneeling and what not. The curse of being super clumsy is indeed a terrible one.

My dear friend Tea is also my colleague and we’ve been working together for years. We have Sunday off so it was fun to use some of our free time to roam around the little village we are situated in. Our friend Drki came along with us, it was super fun Sunday afternoon indeed :)