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It was my daughter’s year 3 hairdressing competition last week, and there was a last minute panic about the costume, and as usual Mum to the rescue….

She has been planning the hair for ages and she did a fantastic job, but I had to rush out and buy some suitable fabric and make the Kimono and Obi last Saturday. I trawled the local places I go to for fabric looking for something a bit special, something with a large geometric design or big chrysanthemums but couldn’t find what I was looking for. So I used this traditional brocade with oriental design. I love the rich green colour used for the kimono. The intention was to wear the obi with the wrong side of the fabric facing because it was a gorgeous orange shade and would have contrasted brilliantly with the colours in the green kimono. In the end my daughter decided to use it with the right side showing, and it still looks fine. I used a Burda pattern (116) in the 2/2012 edition. It was so easy to make. Hope you like the kimono and the fabulous hair do by my clever girl.