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Lucia is an old tradition celebrated in Sweden every year a couple of weeks before Christmas. It’s celebrated everywhere, in schools, daycares, churches and of course at The Swedish Church in Melbourne. To be a part of the Lucia procession you have to wear a Lucia gown (or a ginger bread outfit or a Santa outfit) and since it’s a Swedish tradition, those are nowhere to be found here in Australia.
Even though it’s a long time left until Christmas, I decided to make one for my son, just to se if I’d be able to pull it off. It seemed like an easy enough project for a beginner like me.
I didn’t have any pattern so I created one from one of my son’s shirts. I had to redo it a couple of times before it came out the way I wanted.
I got stuck a bit trying to sew a collar, so in the end I just bought some lace and used as a collar instead.
All in all, the gown turned out pretty good, but if I were to make another one, I’d make the neck hole a bit smaller.