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My almost 4 year old desperately wanted a princess dress, and since I already had this pattern, decided I would cave in and let her join the throngs of Elsa’s this Halloween. I know it will get very good mileage as she wears a costume almost every day! Even though making my own cost more than buying a premade one from Target, the quality is just so much better than what i could buy – I’m sure this one will hold up for many many years (and as a handmedown for little sister, coming soon!)

The pattern was fairly easy to follow. It included instructions for French seams. Since I used sparkly fabric on the bodice (a bit itchy on the back), I decided to line the bodice, so that part was not included in the instructions. I lined it so that there are hidden seams in the bodice.

I used microfilament thread to put the decorative braiding on. I tried to use my rolled hemming foot (Bernina #61) to do all the edges of the cape but eventually I gave up. That foot seriously hates me.

Sizing wise, my daughter was just under all the 4T measurements, and exactly on height, so I decided to do size 5 for length and 4 for width. There is so much ease though, next costume I will do a 4T all around.