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I hate shopping for swimsuits, because I never like anything in the shops. I like the more retro styles more than most of what’s on sale. Seeing as I’ve sewn lots of different fabrics and garments, I decided I’d try and make my own. I had wanted to buy a pattern to use, but all the vintage patterns I found were too expensive and I didn’t like any of the modern ones. I used Holly Mann’s pattern for the high-waisted bikini bottom (http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Sew-a-Vintage-Style-High-Waist-Bikini/), but drafted the top myself based on different pictures of 1940s bikinis. It’s an amalgamation of a whole range of different pictures.

The fabric is from Tessuti, has a sheen, and has deco-style blue roses on it. I thought it suited a vintage bikini. All photos except the last one are of the swimsuit dry, except for the last one, taken after a swim.