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Alison – Burdastyle #BS-002/2009

I was naughty by not using proper swimsuit material such as Lycra…I totally just used some purple stretch knit I found in the thrift store as lining for the whole inside body, as well as a bargain remnant of floral stretch polyester from Spotlight for the outer body. The fabrics didn’t stretch quite as much as I expected, so out of the residual fabric I just had enough to sew up a second body to fit my longer torso, drafting a few extra inches length. Can you tell the print is upside down at the front, and sideways at the back – didn’t think about placement lol. I also added extra length along the bottom and bikini line to make a boy leg. I used zig zag stitch and it went ok, but the purple knit is prone to laddering due to the pulling tension, if you’re not careful. Its a bit tight, but I’ve been dieting so I can fit into my latest sewing projects lol. I accidentally put holes in some of the binding around the lower back, so I sewed the back strap in place lower, exactly over the areas I ruined. However there’s a possibility of being vulnerable to showing more side boob now lol. I’ll take proper photo’s this summer.