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(I’m going to have to make another version of this dress lol…. I finally know how to sew this material now so it will be good next time round)…

Long Sleeved Jersey Dress – BurdaStyle 07/2011 #103

I just love Burda’s version of this dress, but of course I didn’t use jersey, as I found some stretch lace for less than a buck. To cut a long story short stretch lace is the most difficult fabric I have worked with so far! I found it creates wavy seams and hems if you don’t use multiple stabilizers like tissue paper, organza, even masking tape. Plus things cannot be redeemed by zig zagging over said seams and hems in more than one pass, they just get even worse! I messed up around the leg side edges multiple times, so I had to trim precious seam allowances down, with the result being that my cover-up dress now unintentionally resembles a body stocking, lol, with very wide side leg slits! You can see the lace is now as tight as a ducks botty around my hip area lol, and the hem has been raised up higher too. I resorted to using stiff curtain gauze for some of the hemming to try and keep the waviness to a minimum. I have learnt a few tricks in dealing with the nature of this stretch lace. This includes sewing skinny elastic around the neckline to pull it in after it stretched out into curly waves. I didn’t sew tidy French seams for the inside, but that’s the least of my concerns. In fact I won’t be showing any close ups of any of my zigzag stitching, lol. Its wearable but pulls around the hips, so I may need to cut the leg side slits even higher, to relieve the tightness in the central area.