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i’ve been wanting to make something from these lovely African wax cotton fabrics that i have, and only now do i get the chance to do so.

i combined 2 different fabrics together for this skirt since it needs about 2 m of fabric (and i only got a bit more than 1 m of each fabric, both only 1,2 m wide). i made it using the size 36, which is one size smaller than usual for bottoms, because i usually feel too much looseness in the waist when i use size 38. since this skirt has very wide hemline, i thought i’d be okay with 36.

but yeah, i was wrong yet again. the skirt ended up a bit too small even on the waist area, which resulted in a small alteration on the front part. and this is why i couldn’t make the graphics on the center front of the skirt align with one another. thank God i don’t have OCD.

and i still love it, no matter how imperfect it is! the brilliant colours just make me dream of a summer holiday somewhere in the African savannas.