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I had had a pair of jeans I’d really loved. So when they had started to fall apart, I’d decided to “upcycle” a bit and made this comfy and unusually stylish skirt :-)
I have read some tutorials and DIY on the internet and gave it a try.
Firts I cut the legs of the trousers – slightly under the knees. Than I ripped the inner seams, starting from crotch all the way down. Front seams were ripped up to the end of zipper and back seams up to approximately same heights.
From the leftovers (in my case legs of the trouser) I have cut two same triangles and sew them in. They were couple of centimeters shorter than the original length of the skirt, so I decided to incorporate that into my design (folding the fabric on the sides and securing it with a strip of fabric).
It has been fun and I was really surprised how well the skirt looks and how comfy it is.