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Since I bought these flowery shoes many years ago, I’ve wanted to sew a skirt that would match…

The Kasia pattern had teased me for a long time, and when I finally found the appropriate fabric and buttons, I knew how I wanted to do it !

I took some other months to begin, but that project was really quick to sew !
I adapted the pattern to my hourglass-shaped body (had to reduce the waist size) and put a zipper on the back instead the whole double front panel that would have emphasize my chubby belly ^^

I like the way it turned, especially becasue I was afraid that the final look would remind more of a grandma than of the classy effect I expected… I can also pair it with boots and perfecto, to be more rock’n’roll !

And you, what do you think ? Grandma or classy ? Don’t be afraid to share your opinion !! :)