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I had leftover fabric from my Floral Church Dress and as soon as I’d finished the dress, I knew I wanted to make a crop top as well. The pattern I used is the same as for the dress, t this time I added the collar that the pattern has, but my dress doesn’t. It took me long enough to start and finalize this idea, but once I actually started sewing this was rather a quick project. The back isn’t quite as nice as I wanted it to be, but if I have to I can adjust the toggle buttons later if I need to do so in the end. Two of them are quite tight and one of them a little too loose. I hadn’t realized I didn’t have much seam allowance which resulted into a tiny bit smaller top than it could have been. I do like the idea I had for the crop top with the toggle buttons and everything, but I must admit that it looks better from the front. Though, the back also looks better in person. I promise. You can also see the top on my blog, if you so fancy: http://summerviolets.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/i-still-try-to-make-things.html