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i got this 100% silk scarf on my last trip to Stockholm, from a store called “& Other Stories”. i’ve always liked tarot cards (to actually read them), and i was super happy when i saw that this store had a full collection of clothes with tarot cards print. other than a ready-to-wear blouse, i bought this scarf so that i could make another piece of clothing. i combined it with another fabric for the whole back side, neckline, & hem.

the scarf was approximately 80 × 80 cm in size, and when i was done sewing there was even a small piece left unused, so i use it as a hairband. i didn’t use any pattern for this. since i love, love, LOVE the print, i didn’t want to add too much detail to the front side of this top. but for the back side, i decided to add a bit of a twist.

i painstakingly did braids on the back side’s upper part. first i cut the part that i wanted to have braids in vertical fringe (like when you make fringe for a Native American costume), and only cut the bottom part of that area without cutting the left most and right most of the fringe (because they’re for the sleeves). and then i made braids for every 3 strands, and sew the braid ends onto the bottom part of that area. it was tiring, but i kind of like the hippie-feel of the outcome. my husband summed this shirt best: the front side is a Gypsy, and the back side is a hippie.

the fabric i used for the back side is cotton jersey. i found it on the sale box of a fabric store, full of dirt and discolour here and there… it was only for 2.60€ for a big piece of it! after washing it in hot temperature, the dirt and discolour disappeared.