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If you would like a copy of this pattern, please e-mail me directly at melaniesaliba@yahoo.com. I’d be happy to send it to you that way for now! :) thanks!

CAN ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY THESEASONERROR KEEPS POPPING UP EACH TIME I TRY TO ADD THIS PATTERN? I get to the download pattern page, and it tells me there’s an error, I can’t leave project season blank, but there isn’t any place to enter the project season again! Anyway, here’s a second attempt to add the pattern, but it’s not working, and Burda hasn’t got back to me about this problem I’d LOVE to download this pattern, if only the system would let me! Please let me know if you know how to fix this problem. thank you. This is a simple tank pattern drafted for a woman size 8/10 in RTW. The casing at the top ensures it will fit just about anyone! Have fun, and thanks for looking! I’d love to see any finished tanks you make with this versatile pattern! :)