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This is my first (but not last) Belcarra Blouse from Sewaholic.

I finally finished a project using a cut of the J.Crew silk/cotton blend voile I bought earlier this spring. I successfully used french seams throughout, even on the cuffs. While it was a bit fiddly, it wasn’t difficult, and it was worth the time. My skill level with this type of fine fabric is not great. Even still, I feel it’s good enough to wear in public except for one problem: IT’S TOO SMALL.

I made a muslin in a size 8 and ended up overfitting, obessing about the way the fabric gathers at the arm/shoulder area. So when I made it for real, I sized down to a 6. What I failed to realize is that the fabric is there for ease of wearing. This is a woven pattern, and so there is no stretch ease. While it may appear in the photo that the blouse fits, the truth is that I can’t get it on my dress form at all. I can barely get in and out of it. And when I move around, it pulls in all the wrong places.

I very much like the pattern and am getting ready to retrace in the 8 to try again.

Update: I ended up wearing this yesterday and felt good in it all day. I think the 8 (which is nearly done) will be just right, and the 6 can be made up in a knit.