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I have always been in love with vintage accessories and I am sure I am not the only one. That is why I’d like to share it you.
The base piece should be narrower at the ends than the middle. A ruler may be used to draw the needed pattern.

1. The chiffon piece must be centred over the base fabric, when you begin pleating. It doesn’t need to be perfect, so don’t overdo it. When you are 8’’ up, flip the fabric(the unpleated part should be toward you), continue pleating with the folds down. Don’t forget to leave at least 1’’ section unpleated.

2. Sew the pleats on one side, at about ΒΌ’’ in from the fabric underneath and then repeat the same procedure with the other side.

3. Turn the fabric(the base side must be up). Trim off both sides of chiffon.

4. It’s time to sew the flower piece. Pinch together one of the chiffon rectangles. Remember that all petals should be pointing the same direction.

5. Sew a chiffon piece between them, open up the square and sew a few stitches. In this way, it will stay beautifully open.

6. Sew the prepared beads in the centre.

7. Knot the hair ties together. It is not as hard as it sounds. Just put them one in another and pull.

8. Fold the end of the elastic to the end of the headband.