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I love my Mei Tai baby carrier so much that I asked a friend if she wanted me to make one for her too. She said yes… here we go. I had all the fabric in my stash apart from the bit of elephant cotton that I fell in love with and had to buy once I knew my friend wanted a carrier. I added a layer of light batting between the corduroy and the elephant cotton and quilted two facing elephants onto it. This second Mei Tai is so much neater than the first one as I have learnt from my mistakes.

this is the first project I sewed on my new machine and I am really impressed. I was holding my breath when I was top-stitching as it needed to sew through two layers of corduroy, two layers of light denim, one layer of cotton and two layers of light batting… my old machine would have simply said: no way, Jose, not doing it. My new machine simply obliged.

Here is the link again that I used: http://www.grumblesandgrunts.com/2010/10/how-to-sew-mei-tai-baby-carrier.html
I’m having problems with the website, sorry for the double post. It still won’t let me add another picture…