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First pic: Watson bikini pattern. Although my measurements put me in a size L, by measuring against my favourite knickers I cut a size XS + 5mm at side seam. Perhaps this was the wrong choice as they are a bit brief and the placement of the crotch seam is uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t want them any looser (the instructions do mention the pattern is designed for spandex and using a knit fabric may result in a looser fit). The openings are finished with narrow picot elastic. I found them a bit too uncomfortable and turfed them.

Second pic: Ohhh… Lulu Grace Hipsters: cut a size S. The instructions a bit vague as to what type of knit to use so I emailed the designer to ask. She suggested “a stretch lace, stretch mesh, or jersey for the sides – the stretchier the better. The minimum amount needed will vary based on the amount of bias-stretch your front and back fabric have… However, a fabric with 25% stretch or more should do the job fine for most fabrics.” I finished the legs with narrow picot elastic even though the instructions dictate overlocking and hemming, as I find knickers without leg elastic tend to ride up. The waist is finished with thicker picot elastic and a fork ribbon bow. I applied the leg elastic wayyy too tight so I can hardly get them over my thigh :(

Third pic: MakeBra Hipster. I’ve made these before in a size M but they were far too big. This time I cut a size S and they fit perfectly! So comfy with good coverage. The openings are finished with hot pink and black zebra print FOE. I plan to make a squazillion more.