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Hi everyone. This is my first contribution to the Burda project gallery. I knew I wanted to sew this coat the moment I saw it. I like the silhouette, crisp and classic. And, although you can’t see them on my printed fabric, the diamond and triangular design lines on the bodice front and back really appeal to me. I definitely want to sew this again using fabric that will better showcase these shapes.

This is my first time sewing a PDF Burda pattern, and for the most part, I had no difficulty. I was a bit confused at by an extra pattern piece, but otherwise things went together really well. I also found that the pocket placement lines on the pattern pieces do not seem to align evenly, so I used my own discernment on wear to attach them.

I have a few more photos of my project on my blog:

A Colourful Canvas – Burda Coat