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Replacing grout or renovating ?

When grout is cracked or coming off, putting new one on top does not make sense. You have to replace it with a new grout but it requires a lot of work.

The most important thing is not damage the tiles. It is therefore very important to obtain the special equipment available on the market, diamond scrapers or Multimaster/tool Style Grinder which will enable the safe removal of old grout. London Handyman might assist you if you find this job too hard.
After you complete that stage, space between the tiles should be very thoroughly clean . This will avoid problems with adhesion process of the grout for instance during setting of the grout on very porous surface it might start cracking.

Grout because of its absorption is very exposed to dirt. Renewal of the grout it’s not only more estetic, but it is also necessary to restore its physical properties. Grout is often the only surface, which covered with ceramic tiles wall can “breathe though”.

If the grout is not cracked and holding well to tiles but the only colour is lost/faded, renovation using colour restores product , bring it to it’s original colour would be advisable.
Using right product might not only restore the colour but also protects from fungi,mould and bacteria .