1 / 1772

  • look gorgeous and not handmade at all
  • you don’t need a lot of fabric for it, so you could use something from stash scraps, or go to the shop and play with a little bit expensive materials

(I did make this one with faux leather and I was totally surprised how good it is to sew with this material, and the look is the best too).

  • the function of having a pocket for big phone is totally great
  • plus you will have two more pockets for smaller stuff like Visa card, or keys
  • it’s possible to wear it also from a shoulder
  • it’s in more sizes; so you could make the one you need
  • it’s good idea for girlfriend gift
  • it’s accessory, so you maybe will need more than just one, you know different colours, different zippers and Belt Buckles
  • and most important you are hands free
  • it’s close to the body, so it’s really minimal