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Can you remember a childhood fashion mistake? Not that it was a real mistake, because you did mean to wear it. But rather something so badly put together you wish your mother would have stopped you before you got out the door.

I can certainly remember mine – and my sister Tess’. My sister really liked to wear vests. There was a period of time when she would always wear handmade holiday vests (which my mom made her). She literally had a drawer full of different cotton vests for each season/holiday of the year.

So when it was time to make something for Tess’ baby shower gift, I knew exactly what I was going to make her baby – HANDMADE FESTIVE VESTS!

Read more on blog here: http://bit.ly/babyvests

Pattern used: Burdastyle’s Children’s Vest #142 9/2013 issue (I eliminated piping)