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I finally did it! I have my own jj blouse. It was a first for me. I like it for this time of year. The pattern of small yellow flowers was a gift from a friend. I only had enough for one series of ruffles not three. This pattern is from burda style jj blouse. I have been inspired by the other burda style members. Its got a good generous amount for the fit. I did do more fitting into the princess seams.

I look forward to using the pattern again. I could do this in a funky print without ruffles. In a monotone with many ruffles, use some bias tapes…etc many chances to use up the stash!

I did not do a split seam open for the sleeve as I was in a hurray to finish it. I used the sleeve band like bias tape which is faster. I think I got the sleeve fold backwards but it still works so I kept it. Its good for the fall!

The buttons are metal vintage from mom’s stash.