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Pattern 123A, long blouse

The sizing is way off on this pattern! I had to basically remake it in its entirety to make it look at all OK. I intended it to be a shirt, and my measurements were spot on for the waist placement, but it was long enough to be a dress. I took 5 " off the bottom and 4" or more off the sides (2-3" each side, laying flat). Now I have to redo the armholes. I made a size 40, and my smallest measurement was the bust measurement for that size. I was surprised I measured to the second to largest size, though, since I’m 5’1" and 130lbs, 32D. I expected it to be too small in the tummy because that’s where I carry my weight but it’s perfect- and for that I measured to a size 44!

First two pictures are “before” will post "after once I’m finished.

At times instructions are also quite unclear. The project would be easy/novice if things were explained a little better than “neaten edges” or other vague directions. You have to know how to sew to follow the pattern.