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Bandeau DIY – Burdastyle 7/2013

For this bandeau I probably should’ve used stretchy fabric, instead of woven: namely a medium thickness sarong remnant – my friend gave it to me after she made a garment from it – but I thought the tribal/tropical pattern looked cool lol. So to make it comfortable I elasticized the back strap, which is completely stitched in, and that feels great ie. breathable lol; however I just used Velcro for the neck strap and the lower band; and even though those two straps can be separated, the lower band might end up constricting the lungs when it is fastened, and need more give around the gut lol. So, I am going to soon try stitching in an elasticated bra clasp to the band, so it can feel comfortable like the strap and move with the body.