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This is an adaptation of a Project Runway pattern, Simplicity 2995 (on the envelope cover it’s based on the bottom right version). The original version of the pattern only suggests stitching on ribbon or decorative stitching to give the appearance of sections in the bodice, but I decided I wanted to actually make the bodice sectioned. I also wanted the dress a bit looser, as it better suited the flowy fabric. So I added a bit of width on the front and back, and a little bit of length on the front for the bodice seams. I also used one of the different sleeve options from the pattern, which I then adapted by making a curved cut up from the seam to the centre of the sleeve. In hindsight it would have been easier to make the sleeves in two pieces, but I hadn’t decided exactly how I wanted it when I first cut them out. It was a bit fiddly doing them this way, but I’m really happy with how they ended up.

The fabric I bought at a market and was very cheap, but is very, very thin, so I have to wear a slip underneath. But because it’s thin and soft it has a very nice flow to it, which worked with the style of the dress. I’ve called it the dustbowl dress because I think it evokes the 1930s, in both the pattern and the fabric’s light weight and soft floral print.