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In honor of October, I decided to upload some old costumes I’ve made for friends. About 3 years ago now I made a bunch of the Disney princesses, including Belle’s yellow dress from Beauty in the Beast. The dress is based on the wedding dress pattern McCall’s 5321. The bodice is basically the same, although I couldn’t find loop closures so I made my own with a matching yellow cord, and we made some covered buttons for it (sadly no picture of the back). The sash on the bodice is sewn into the bodice at the back, at an angel so it drapes naturally around her arms. The skirt however was changed. Basically I extended each skirt panel about 15-20 inches, and then used the zigzag gathering method to gather all 8 panels along the seams. The skirt just has a regular waistband and zipper closure, with 2 hooks for a little extra support holding it up. There is a hoop skirt underneath that is sewn into the skirt at the waistband. since it’s only a costume my friend didn’t want to pay for real hoop boning, so I used a bendable 3/4" PVC pipe from the hardware store, and attached sections with a ton of glue and little wooden pegs. There are 3 hoops in the underskirt, and the widest hoop is 10.5 feet wide. I sewed 1" casings into the underskirt, which was easy because I made the underskirt into 3 tiers, so the casings were made out of the seam allowances. I added the sash to the skirt last, so it is only sewn to the skirt where the pearl beads are. I glued the plastic gem to the front of the bodice, since there were no holes in the bead. Whole thing probably took about 40 hours. It was a lot of fun!