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Color blocking & zippers in garments are two elements that I`m fascinated of, so in this dress I decided to use both of them.

Because the zippers are meant to tale center stage, I chose a simple straight 60ies style pattern that I constructed myself. In my pattern construction book is explaine that in this case the center back should be a straight line. I made a muslin to be sure, and it looked pretty reasonable, but I had a presentiment that this could be different with the real dress beacuse of the zippers…

To be on the safe side I first basted the whole dress together. The first fitting was a desaster! There was too much fabric in the back and the horizontal zippers looked like hoops – all very unflattering, I even had to hear the comparison with the famous potatoes bag :-)

After countless trials and fittings I ended up with a deep curve in the back which looks like a straight line when dressed on – astonishing! Alltogether I took 12cm from the waistline! My original markings for sewin the zippers got lost and it was rather hard to reconstruct them so that everything remains symmetrical. Sewing those zippers wasn´t trivial too, because of the 90° angles.

Again I used couture techniques as explained in my Couture Dress with Lace & Exposed Zipper.

I´m now very pleased with the result and will wear it today to a seamstresses meeting :-)