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I made this coat for my hubby in exchange for a haircut. Do you ever make deals like that with your significant other? I’ll make you a fully tailored, interlined amazing coat if you’ll please just get a haircut. Ok, ok maybe it wasn’t quite that drastic, but it was close. Ha ha ha!

This coat was made from the Japanese men’s coat pattern book – and no, I have no idea how to read japanese. It’s the toggle coat version and I created a full lining pattern and made a few design changes to the pattern itself. I used a double cloth wool coating fabric for the outer shell and for the lining, I used a rayon crepe back satin and interlined it with lambswool (from my shop!) and flannel making this coat built for extra cold weather.

For more info on everything I did, you can catch all the posts here, on my blog. Baby, it’s gonna be cold outside!