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My civil ceremony was this past Monday 3~3~14!!! Since sewing is my passion (besides my two kids & now husband!!) I knew sewing my wedding dress was the only way to go!

Also, I truly hate trying to make my body fit department store sizing!

I drafted the bust from a 80’s inspired Butterick pattern I have had since high school and the skirt was drafted as a circle skirt. The dress is fully lined.

The over “shirt” was based off of a pictured I pinned that lead to this link:


To be honest the only thing i used from the pin was the image. I felt as good as the tutorial is it needs to be cleaned up just a little bit.
The basic idea of the shawl/over shirt is a square , anf in the middle of that square you create a neck line of your choosing, then add a bias strip to the front to be tied first and a wider strip in the back to be tied forward.