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We have quite warm! Almost summer. And I immediately wanted the sea))))) So I have a suit in blue jacket … and shorts are made of different fabrics, color is a little not the same in reality, but all cotton stretch. In shorts even a little metallic and slightly shiny fabric. The two things are completely sewed at different times. And surprisingly came together. Jacket harmonizes with everything!

Jacket sewed all of the pattern 105 Burda 12/2013. The only thing – brown paste, they stole the idea from the site LaModa. I wanted somehow to decorate (because even in the jacket buttons not provided!), But the collar seemed to do a different color is not beautiful (even trained him initially in brown, then redrew otporola and blue). Sew shoulder pads. Without fasteners. And do not make the cut with buttons on the sleeves. Too difficult)))

Shorts on this pattern Burda 03/2013 modes 126. Generally, I like shorts, they have a lot. They are always friendly. Here are pictures of dark colors is very difficult)