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No coat in the shop found so even sewn.

It is in doing the best thing I’ve ever sewn.
I’ve taken a lot of time for this coat so it will be nice.
Heavy, it is not, but lots of small parts. I also made the Paspelband itself.

I love classic pieces of clothing, because that can be worn for years and go with everything.

This coat is based on petite pattern
Trenchcoat Pattern on Burdastyle.de

I have changed many things. The collar and the yoke on the back are from an older Burda magazine. There’s a lot of work in this coat, because it was important for me to have a really nice Trenchcoat, which also fits well.

All individual sewing steps I have outlined in detail in my blog.
In this post I have compiled an overview with links on the individual sections (at the end of details)
my trenchcoat step by step

However, I have written in German, please use the Google translator for the details.
I think the pictures can also be seen in poor translation.

Thanks for visit, Anita