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This dress is inspired by a dress worn by Nigella Lawson on her American TV show. This is a delectable dress in checked fabric. I couldn’t wait to get underway with this project, and not being used to sewing tartan patterns, I didn’t give enough thought to how the checks would appear. This dress would be delightful with a black internal collar, which would just mean making each front bodice in 2 pieces, rather than one. I didn’t line the dress as this scuba jersey doesn’t deserve to be lined! You could also add some faux pocket detail in black! There’s always next time.
The dress is a good lesson in sewing checked fabric and being aware of the pitfalls.
I didn’t make any adjustment to the bodice length, but at just short of 5’2" the dress is on the petite side. Actually, that one of the things I love about Burda! From Burda World of Fashion 12/2008