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It’s raining here at 55 degrees north, but the pictures are hiding it and it is quite warm. This is my second pair of jeans style trousers made from this fab Angela Kane pattern. The instructions are so detailed in the ebook for putting in a jeans zip, that it’s just not possible to go wrong! It could just say ‘now insert zip’. Floral jeans are really on style and I looked at a pair recently and figured ‘it can be done’ – so here they are, in spite of the rain. It takes a full day of dedicated sewing to make these and some of the most important detail is at the end, such as putting on the belt loops, so complete attention to detail is required. Comparing these to my bought jeans, there is no difference really. Their top stitching is better and it is important to adjust your tension to get the top stitching right. Jeans are so worth the effort!