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This 1970’s inspired wrap dress features cropped sleeves finished with a fabric band and a narrow tying belt at the waistline.
I wanted a sexy sleeve on a classic dress. A sleeve that I could hide under a business jacket or a cardigan without any bulk, but a sleeve that once exposed would change the whole aspect of the dress. An office-to-the-concert type of dress. I believe the sleeves nicely meet this purpose with their contrasting colour and different fabric. But as you can see, the low front will not permit office wear.
The dress is a silky crepe. The off white colour is creamy and shiny. Sleeves and ties at the waist are chiffon – leftovers in my stash.
Of note, I lined the whole thing with Bemberg.
I opted to cut the whole thing on the bias – sleeves included in order to create a flowy/enveloping garment. I am very satisfied with my being able to match the motif.