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I felt a strong need for having maxi skirt…a coffee colored fabric & black satin-Cotton and here it is!!
Based on the Burda 116 dated January 2013, i cut the fabric in the biais to get a nicer style
As the fabric is stretching polyester, i modified the belt & covered it.
I added a stripe same size as the belt at the bottom of the skirt.
A little piece of fabric unused…and Eurka !!
Same size to fit on the waist, “scarf style”
In the black satin Cotton i cut some stripes in the biais, covered, That i sewed like facings to this triangle
I sewed it along the belt and tweaked to finish the tips crossed on the hips.
I love the result and so comfortable to wear, moreover the fabric does not crease at all!!
Pictures taken at the club where my sister rides horses, surrounded well i am, what do you think?
See you soon!!