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I have an abundance of this particular fabric and I absolutely love it. It is cotton sateen. I’ve made dresses, tops and full circle skirts with it. I made this dress for myself, drafted and sewed by myself and my mom. It’s retro/rockabilly inspired (like most outfits I make) I’m kind of sheepish about my arms so I made it three quarter sleeve length. Seeing it now on myself, I think I could shorten it a bit more. I love the way a princess seam looks with any particular body shape, and I’m guilty of sewing it on almost all my dresses. I would have cut out a circle skirt but that uses up too much fabric so I opted to cut it on the grain (crosswise)

I’m not the greatest at taking pictures of myself or posing so luckily I already had some shots on my mannequin from before. There are more pictures and details of the dress found in my Etsy shop. I feel like I’m shamelessly plugging my shop but I’m not haha! I was wearing this for the weekend and thought I’d share it.