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Okay, so I have been dreaming of making a corset for many years now, but have always found the concept to be far too intimidating thought it well beyond my skills. But I think I’ve arrived at a point where I am up to the challenge! So here’s the finished product! I used only the flatlined fashion fabric and the coutil. I didn’t use any interlining because I live in Arizona and can do without an extra layer to make me sweat (plus I’ll be wearing it over a chemise).

I could list off many errors, such as the following:
I used fairly cheap poly satin for the fashion fabric, and I learned the hard way that that was a mistake because it is very unforgiving when it comes to puckering, even tho I flatlined it to broadcloth. Lesson learned!
There are all kinds of tiny mistakes, like the symmetry of the top and bottom hems being slightly off, etc.

But all in all, I’m pretty proud of it and think it’s not too shabby for a first attempt.

I did do a little bit of white embroidery on the bust gores, tho it’s not very visible from this picture (kind of the look I was going for..very subtle).

Sidenote: I posted this in a corset making group I belong to and got some really solid advice for the next time I attempt to use satin (will there be a next time?). Using Duchess satin because of the weight, and also fusing flannel to the satin will help with the wrinkling. Also someone had fused the satin directly to coutil and that looked quite smooth, so there are some ideas!