1 / 1788

I’ve been dyeing ( no pun intended) to try Shibori which is a Japanese dying technique and this dress was the perfect excuse to do it. I made the dress first so the dying process was a little bit harder than if I would’ve dyed the fabric before hand (keep that in mind) I feel like I always get ahead of myself. The dress was an experiment with me playing around with square fabric shapes. It is literally just for squares sewen together from the bottom up leaving the 4 seams at the top open depending on measurements of the one wearing it. Obviously the bigger you are the bigger the squares it all depends on what you want to achieve. You can make it so many different ways, it is very simple. Maybe someday I’ll do a tutorial, I’m very bad at tutorials, i’m technologically challenged! I also crocheted flower crown. DYI links below to dyeing and flower crown directions. *Oh yah one more thing this dress would fall much nicer with a lighter fabric


Flower crown: