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Bikini Top & Tennis Pants; Triangle Bikini Top & Pants – Kombi Knits by Beverley Sharp #309A 1979

I know I’m not a bikini person as I’m shy but I’ve become obsessed (with swimwear, and my fear of wearing a bikini) lol. I came across this book of swimsuit patterns in an Op shop, and these two string bikini sets were quick makes. Neither of the tops are lined, but they may need to be, as both these vintage 70s prints are a little sheer. I had exactly enough of both fabric remnants to complete the bikinis. I got the idea from a Google search to add some fringing to the triangle bikini. I slashed a rectangular piece and stitched it to the top of each triangle; it has a bit of a Go-Go dancer look but hey lol. The low riding backside of the purple pants is composed of two pieced together halves with a joining center seam, which meets up with the crotch seam, for a perfect fit around the bum. I put casing for spaghetti straps in the sides of the pants. The plaid bikini/tennis pants have strange crotch detail at the front, but these bloomers sure are cozy. Both bikini tops can slide either horizontally or vertically along the straps.