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Well, it took me a while to upload these! Finishing them, that’s another story. It took me quite some time to even get hems on them! Yes, my sewing projects have been scarce of late from a severe lack of time…

When my husband and I moved in together, we had very little furniture. We bought these gorgeous 6 chairs on eBay for a bargain! They swivel, are leather and in excellent condition. To try and work in a feel of decor in the house, and to try and protect the leather, I decided to make some covers. The colour of the fabric thankfully matches the one on my peppermint chair as well (decor?).

The pattern was wonderfully simple, much like cutting out a pattern for a cardboard box. Just took the height, depth and width of the chair, added some rough corners on the bottom of the seat and sewed on some ties.