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    • Runway to Reality with brother-NO FREE Sewing Patterns!

      Added Apr 10, 2017

      I signed up for the Runway to Reality with brother + burdastyle thing and instead of the 2 free sewing patterns advertised, I received a link to a list of hacks/mods on achieving ‘runway’ looks. Where are the 2 free patterns supposed to be downloaded from?
      Anyone h…

    • Fabric question - please help.

      Added Mar 14, 2016

      On Project Runway, the contestants sometimes use a very thin plain fabric to practice their garment first. What is this fabric called?

    • Neoprene Fabric- where to buy?!

      Added Feb 19, 2013

      Hi All, long time Burda Member, first time blog poster!

      I am planning a new dress and i would like to use Neoprene (white). I was wondering if anyone has purchased this before, and where, it seems difficult to find! I am in Australia, happy to purchase online. Its…

    • Project Runway - Dmitry

      Added Oct 21, 2012

      Hi all -

      New to this forum, but was wondering for the skirt on this look (http://bit.ly/RPBYBF) what Dmitry Sholokhov used on the bottom? Is the material difficult to work with? I saw it on a couple of his pieces, and really like the visual.


    • Magnetic Seam guide, and computerized sewing machines.

      Added Aug 24, 2012

      I have a brother computerized sewing machine the model CS-5055, and i am not sure if its actually safe to use a magnetic seam guide, i got it from this local tailor shop in my town, but i don’t want to risk using it and then have my machine fail.

      Again i have a…

    • Draping

      Added Jul 14, 2012

      I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I know how to drape pretty well using muslin on a dress form and using that as my pattern, but when I was watching project runway I saw on the finale that Anya was going straight to draping. I wasn’t sure if a…

    • Cowl neck long evening dress

      Added Mar 31, 2012

      Greetings to all!

      I am new to this forum, I started sewing a year ago with Burda patterns and no previous knowledge of how-to-sew. My boyfriend got me a sewing machine back then, a really nice brother project runway, which I have been using in simple projects. I w…

    • Help! Simplicity 2248

      Added Mar 10, 2012

      I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this pattern for days, and the back pleats aren’t making any sense…if you’ve done this before, how the heck did you do it!?!? heeelp!!! :P


    • Advice for mid weight or suit weight linen!

      Added Feb 10, 2012

      I bought this linen (a super cheap, mystery fabric) that feels medium weight under the impression that medium weight is suit weight, and I wanted to make a blazer with it. Everything that is made for linen is not really my style… I prefer fitted sheaths and blazers…

    • Fashion Video Games

      Added Nov 18, 2011

      Does anyone know of any good games involving sewing or fashion? I know there’s Fashion Runway and the Fashion Fantasy Game, but I’m looking for others. Although I have to say that the Fashion Fantasy Game is the best I found thus far. Is there anything better?

    • Bust Line Issues

      Added Nov 1, 2011

      I made my first dress on Saturday for a costume party that night. I followed the pattern and everything went smooth until I got to the bust. It fit perfectly around the bottom half of my bust, but where it was supposed to curve back toward my chest. It just kind of s…

    • Project Runway construction question

      Added Sep 23, 2011

      So I have finally watched last weeks project runway episode (the “what women want” one) and I really liked how Victors blouse was sheer but had an extra layer for the lower part. My question is: Did he make a separate boob tube type singlet that is separate or is thi…

    • Anya New Project Runway Jumpsuit

      Added Jul 24, 2011

      I’m obsessed with this jumpsuit, particularly the fabric. Can anyone tell me what kind of fabric this is? I was thinking maybe silk but I’m not sure. Or what kind of flowy fabric I could use to make this that isn’t see through.


    • Project Runway Sew-a-Long

      Added Jul 4, 2011

      Project Runway Australia starts tonight 8.30pm on Arena channel. Would you like to join a sew-a-long?
      I am hosting one at Le Coutureve . Each Monday after the show, I’ll post t…

    • "Project Runway" to Premiere Summer 2011

      Added May 25, 2011

      USA: “Project Runway” Season 9 to Premiere Summer 2011, Plus Announcing “Project Runway All Stars” and “Project Accessory”


    • Simplicity's Suedesays Rock Your Look Contest

      Added May 2, 2011

      To all those with a singular fashion point-of-view (everyone!):

      Simplicity Creative Group and Stephen “Suede” Baum invite you to enter the Suedesays™ Rock Your Look Contest. This sewing contest seeks to highlight the creativity of avid sewers and stylists who cre…

    • Go to a runway prize!

      Added Feb 1, 2011


      I was watching some of the videos you recommended for the week end, and it made me really want to go to a runway! Then I looked it up on the web, and apparentely it’s pretty impossible for simple people like us…
      So I was thinking, maybe at Burdastyle y…

    • Is it OK to copy . . .

      Added Jan 28, 2011

      I love to sew and make clothes, but just for me. Sometimes, I’ll see something on a runway and make a copy of it – sort of. Is that OK? I mean, if someone asks me where I got it, I tell them I got the idea from Marc Jacobs or whoever I’m taking the idea from. And I’m…

    • How to make a high ruffle collar

      Added Nov 22, 2010

      I would like to make a dress with a high ruffled collar. Does anyone know of a pattern, or have any advice for creating a neckline similar to the one on this black dress (fourth image…

    • Why is Arizona excluded from some contests?

      Added Sep 15, 2010

      Member, crafting_in_my_cave, found the best words to answer and explain this question:

      “For those wondering why a contest excludes outside the U.S. and the U.S. state of Arizona: it’s not because Burda is being exclusive. It has to do with the legalities of runnin…

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