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23 October

  • _34_large

    Oct 23, 2013, 02.03 PMby liliv-1

    Hi sweet lady! I have missed your projects! Are you sewing something these days?

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    • Picture_007_large

      Oct 26, 2013, 03.22 AMby Zsuzso

      Hi sweet liliv ! Not yet. It’s terrible, I just keep admiring what you guys are making. Hopefully I’ll find my way into the sewing room soon. I made some progress cleaning it up, it looked like a tornado swept through it before. Found a couple of unfinished projects, maybe I start with those first. Thanks for checking in.

24 September

  • _34_large

    Sep 24, 2013, 10.18 AMby liliv-1

    Hi girl, how are you doing? I hope you sew and post something nice soon:)

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    • Picture_007_large

      Sep 24, 2013, 11.34 PMby Zsuzso

      Hi Liliv, I’m doing well. I’m just lazy. Mainly because it’s too damn hot here still, and my sewing room is the hottest room. Hopefully I get my butt in there and create something soon, I have plenty fabrics to sew. Looks like you’re enjoying your new home. Where is this pretty island ? I bet the first thing you unpacked was your sewing machine. Oh. BTW your mom looks so cute and happy in her lovely dress.

    • _34_large

      Sep 25, 2013, 07.05 AMby liliv-1

      The pretty island is Zakynthos and it’s near Italy. It has the greatest beaches I have seen in Greece! I’m glad you liked my mother’s dress, I love her so much. And sure the sewing machine was the first item I put in the car before leaving and the first I unpacked:) I hope you find your sewing mojo soon!! Kisses!!

10 July

  • _34_large

    Jul 10, 2013, 01.13 AMby liliv-1

    We missed you! Are you still in Budapest? Did you hem your dad’s pants? I hope you are having fun wherever you are now! And have a dynamic comeback to sewing! Kisses:)

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    • Picture_007_large

      Jul 10, 2013, 08.28 AMby Zsuzso

      Hello Liliv !
      Yes we’re still in BP. Maybe tomorrow I can fix my dad’s pant. I have to borrow a pair of scissors from the neighbor. How do you like it in Athens? I have to look later what have you posted lately. We’re going to the market and to the dentist later. It’s much cheaper here than is the US. 1/3 of the price, big difference.

    • _34_large

      Jul 10, 2013, 09.03 AMby liliv-1

      1/3 of the price wow! I like very much the life in Athens, there are so many fabric shops here:))) Does your dad know how to sew? I didn’t understead exactly what happened with your old sewing machine.

    • Picture_007_large

      Jul 12, 2013, 03.04 AMby Zsuzso

      Well, I finally looked at my old sewing machine. It needed a lot of oil, after that it started going only forward, the reverse button is totally jammed, I don’t dare to mess with it. The bobbin winder is broken also. I couldn’t turn the dial to zig-zag stitch either. I did manage to hem one of my dad’s pants. Couple of them will be blind stitched by hand.

    • Picture_007_large

      Jul 12, 2013, 03.15 AMby Zsuzso

      Fabrics are expensive here in BP, but I bought 2 new burdas, and an old one. I did find a fabric shop with decent prices, thinking of buying some jersey knit fabrics later. I want be able to sew a new top here on my old machine, but I try to make a shopping bag with it. BTW my dad doesn’t sew. He bought this machine around 1980 for my mother. She never touched it or maybe just once. Nobody knew how to use it, so I decided to go to sewing school to learn.

    • _34_large

      Jul 12, 2013, 09.44 AMby liliv-1

      Oh, this is how you started sewing! It’s ok to hem pants by hand, I do it very often and I call it couture sewing:P. I will go for fabric shopping today, we have a fabric shop here with extremely low prices.
      It must be very hard to be a sewing dentist in Budapest!!

    • Picture_007_large

      Jul 13, 2013, 08.41 AMby Zsuzso

      Sorry, I didn’t understand your last sentence. I think the dentists here are making a decent living wage. I’m not so sure about sewing, probably not. Anyway we almost
      done with the dentist, maybe next week will be our last appointment. I’m going to check out some fabric store too. Let me know what you bought, I’m curious .

    • _34_large

      Jul 13, 2013, 08.54 AMby liliv-1

      You told me that the dentists have low prices and the fabrics are expensive. So I thought it is difficult for them to have a low income and have to pay a lot for sewing:) But you just said their income is ok!
      I bought nothing because I was late and the fabric shop had already closed:(((

    • Picture_007_large

      Jul 14, 2013, 06.36 AMby Zsuzso

      Now I understand. Just to make it clear, for example one crown cost about $300 here in the US $1000 for one. That’s why we are here and of course visit my dad as well. Frankly I don’t know how much they make, but our dentist was in the US on vacation so she has to be doing well.
      What kind of project are you sewing? I will finish hemming today, one more pants left.

    • _34_large

      Jul 14, 2013, 10.37 AMby liliv-1

      He he hemming, I hate it!!
      I just finished a twist dress from burda issue 2/2013. Now I do refashioning to some past sewn garments because I have gained some weight and I also try to finish some UFOs:)

18 May

  • _34_large

    May 18, 2013, 08.45 PMby liliv-1

    Hi! I just passed to say Hi:) Are you sewing anything these days?

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    • Picture_007_large

      May 19, 2013, 04.38 PMby Zsuzso

      Hi, I’m glad you passed by. Yes, I’m going to help Tom /my husband/ with his pants. We’ve already cut it out, just have to start sewing. Also I have plans to make a simple blouse and some knit tops before we go to Hungary to see my dad. I was born in Budapest, went to school there. I’m a Hungarian/ American now. Your English is very good btw.

    • _34_large

      May 19, 2013, 07.18 PMby liliv-1

      Oh! Does your husband sew?

    • Picture_007_large

      May 19, 2013, 09.36 PMby Zsuzso

      I’m teaching him to sew. He enjoys it , but he still needs help. Maybe he’ll do the fly zipper this time on his pants.

    • _34_large

      May 19, 2013, 10.19 PMby liliv-1

      That’s very sweet! A couple sewing together!